It is a tool which allows to control & monitoring of UPS to provide protection
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What are next to software safety in computer field may be hardware parts, which can face errors due to abnormal power failures. Sudden power failures can do a lot of harm to computer system, components, external tools and most important your data. PowerPanelâ„¢ from Cyber Power System is a powerful tool which allows you to control and monitoring of your UPS to provide protection for your computer system. This software has inbuilt tools which saves your file and close them automatically on power failure. It tries to shut down hardware safely in the given time.

PowerPanelâ„¢ software is bundled with CyberPower's SL products, and comes with an easy to use interface. PowerPanel has main window with many buttons to control its operation. Some of these buttons are Power Button, Minimize Button, Setup Button, Log Button, Shutdown Button, Battery OK Indicator, Outlet Indicator Scheduled Shutdown Final Countdown. The setup window comes with a lot of options and easy customizable interface to maintain the software. The log window shows all the process information and gives a visual way to control work.

Manoj Goel
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  • Totally visual interface
  • Easy to use button controls
  • Automatic closing and saving of files
  • Shutdowns hardware to prevent any loss


  • Bundled software cannot be used individually
  • Resides on memory and maintain constant monitoring, it reduces memory performance
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